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Well Daddy Said That!

th (1)During Sunday dinner, Kenyan started making chewing sounds as he ate, thinking it was funny.  “It’s how Nana eats!” He laughed.  He wasn’t wrong.  My mom does eat like that due to her dentures being a bit loose.

Mikhail, without dentures, normally eats with his mouth open while making chewing sounds.  It’s one of my pet peeves even though Amie said I eat popcorn like a ravenous animal, scooping up big handfuls and plastering them all over my face.  I admit, she’s right.  I just can’t eat popcorn one at a time.  But I am always on Mik’s case about eating properly.  “You eat like your Nana, Mikhail.  Close your mouth and chew your food quietly.”

So here we were talking about chewing habits and poor Nana’s name being mentioned while she sat there at the table.  I knew exactly what was going to be said next.  I just didn’t know by whom but just like watching a disaster unfold I saw it coming.  It was Mikhail.  He picked up where his brother left off,  “Yeah, that’s how Nana eats.”  Before I could come up with a hastily planned response, he added, “Well Daddy said that.”  Being black does have advantages.  Underneath my complexion my face was apple red. I felt it.  Again, poor Nana.  Ooops!

Amie saved the day with a response.  Sort of.  “We will see how you chew when you are older and your teeth are loose.”  She said to the boys.  I am not sure if Nana bought it so I added lamely,  “I was just teaching Mikhail to eat properly so I told him he eats like you.”  (Good one Carlos!).  I think that only added fuel to the flame.  Talk about uncomfortable.  Good thing Nana took it all in stride and kept right on chewing.

A lesson was learned.  Be extra careful what I say to around the boys especially if it has to do with someone who comes over often.  It could be very embarrassing…


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