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Assisted Suicide Revisited

I don’t mean to flag a dead horse here and no pun intended either but with the news a week ago that the woman from Winnipeg who went to Zurich to die by assisted suicide had died, I can’t help but revisit this very sensitive issue.  Read my take on that here.

After reading about her final moments, a few questions came to me.  take this excerpt for example:  In the moments before she died, Griffiths walked, talked and sang with family members in a sunny, warm garden on the Dignitas property just outside Zurich.  So she had all her faculties before she died, right?  So then why spend all that money when she could have done it herself in the privacy and comfort of her own home?

Next excerpt:  “Then Griffiths settled in and took the first of two drinks that would end her life. The first was bitter, so she ate chocolate to temper the taste.” If someone is really dead set on killing themself, do they really care about taste?  And why does it take two glasses of whatever it was?  Why complicate the process?

Coincidentally, I read in the papers today that the founder of the place where Susan Griffiths died, admitted to disposing of the ashes of those that died there by throwing them in Lake Zurich in the dark of night.  I hope Susan did her research.  She wanted to die with dignity but I doubt being dumped into the lake is dignifying.  

Just my take.


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2 thoughts on “Assisted Suicide Revisited

  1. I agree with you. Why do people ask others to help them commit suicide when they could easily do it themselves? Do they not care that their loved ones are actually committing a sin by helping kill them? Is it maybe to bring publicity to their situation? Why else would they let the world know what they are doing?

    Many people in this world today are very selfish and they don’t even consider how their actions can hurt others. I could not even fathom asking someone to help kill me no matter how much I was suffering.

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