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There’s no such thing as ‘Writer’s Block’ when you blog about kids

Street hockey! Note cell phone in Alex' hand.

Street hockey! Note cell phone in Alex’ hand.

Last week I did not attempt even one blog.  I couldn’t come up with anything that was interesting enough to share.  Yes, the boys were still cute and said and did funny stuff but nothing that I considered blog-worthy.  At least, so I thought.

I read and follow some mommy and daddy blogs that have daily posts.  Where do they find stuff to write about every day?  I have three little ones and two teenagers yet I can’t find stuff to write daily.  And, their posts are still interesting!   Maybe I am expecting too much instead of just writing.  So I did. Last weekend was a springboard, no pun intended.

Spring finally decided to show up in Winterpeg!  It was awesome! Because it was so long overdue, it was more like a summer day than a spring day.  On Saturday, both younger boys were sick and unable to go outside to play.  I felt bad watching them standing at the window looking out at the other kids playing in the street.  They knocked on the glass to get the kids’ attention.  It worked as one of them came knocking on our door asking if the boys could come out and play.  Mikhail was able to as he was not sick but us ‘boys’ decided that it wouldn’t be nice if he went out while his brothers couldn’t and he took one for the team.

On Sunday, we more than made up for it.  Both boys felt a bit better and we hit the streets early.  We played a spirited game of street hockey, net and all.  The two little boys who recently moved into the house across the street also joined us for a while.  Then we played a game of soccer with our student, Alex.  Finally it was time to come in.

Inside the boys were surprised and excited when they realized they couldn’t see properly.  “Everything looks pink, Daddy!” I explained that it was too much time spent in the sun.

See? So there is always something to blog about when kids are involved.  No matter how insignificant it seems, it would be looked upon fondly years from now.

(As I published this blog, winter has decided to pay us another visit and outside does not look like it does in the photos).

Treyton doing his thing

Treyton doing his thing


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