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The End Of Old Faithful

car1We really didn’t pay for it anyways as Amie’s dad gifted it to us, realizing that we needed two vehicles with our big family.  It was old but good on gas and in the few years we have had it, was very reliable.  Even more reliable than the Nissan Quest that we paid good money for.  So we had a feeling that one day Old Faithful would cease to be faithful.  Even though, it was one of those things that though you expect it to happen, when it does, the timing is still bad and it still impacts you.  And that’s how it was when our car decided to fall to pieces.  All in a matter of days.

Like I said, we never had to do anything to our 2000 Chevy Malibu other than change the oil, put air in the tires and gas it up.  That’s it!  It was always there for us.  Even though it had no heat throughout this past winter, or should I say current?  We still drove it.  Just dress warm and you’ll be fine.  Then last Friday while I work, I tried starting it on my lunch and it didn’t respond.  Opening up the hood, I saw immediately what was wrong.  The belt was severed and was hanging loose.  I had it towed to the garage and the estimate was about $600 as a part had also ceased up causing the belt to snap.  We thought about it for a while as we didn’t want to sink too much money in something that had little value.  We concluded that since we never spent any money on it if we spent $600 and it last us another year or two, then we are doing great!

We went ahead with the repairs and got it back on Monday with a warning that we need to bring it back in as soon as we could as it needed bearings in the worst way and they were critical to its performance and safety.  The estimate?  About $500.  We thought about it again but now it was up to $1100.  Still not much if we never really put any into it before.  So again we went for it.  We took it in on Wednesday and got it back a few hours later.

Wednesday evening Amie came home from the gym and informed me that while driving, something fell from the underside of the car and she pulled over and retrieved it.  She took a photo of it and sent it to the garage thinking that they had somehow done a shoddy job.  No, it was a part of the shock that was broken.  The estimate? The mechanic shook his head at that one and we didn’t insist he tell us.  The prognosis?  It was terminal.  Old Faithful was finally dying like a cancer-stricken old man.  Too bad we didn’t see that coming or we would not have wasted $1100.

We do need a second vehicle so ready or not, we have to buy a car.  (I don’t think Amie’s dad is going to be that generous anytime soon).  As for Old Faithful, he is on Kijiji in case someone needs him for body parts.   Goodbye Old Faithful.  Rust In Peace!


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