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black_male_praying_angel_ljtLast week I received a call from my casting agency asking if I wanted to try out for a part in an upcoming movie.  I would play…wait for it.  An angel!  Yes, an angel.  I never thought I would be mentioned in the same sentence.  Someone knows something that my wife doesn’t as she would never associate me with anything angelic.

Oh yes! For sure! Why not?  I accepted enthusiastically.  It didn’t matter that it seemed a bit odd for Samuel Jackson’s double to play an angel.  Hello! The ultra macho Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, played a fairy in Tooth Fairy.  So the mini macho me could play an angel in ‘Heaven Is For Real’. Right?

And just think, (Other than berating me for starting the paragraph with ‘and’), my wife, who I affectionately refer to as Angel, would be so jealous that now she has to share cloud space with me.  Sorry honey but could you please move over on that cloud? Hey! Watch it with the feathers!


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