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Flogging A Dead Horse

thI wanted to write something interesting.  A post that captures attention and screams to be read.  I thought that maybe I could write about how God’s grace keeps me alive and without him I’d be nothing.  But then you have heard all about that and can find it throughout my posts.  You’ll find more in my future posts as well, just so you know.  So no need flogging that, right?  In fact, I am doubly certain that you also know about Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame, becoming an entrepreneur.  Good for her! I love seeing people doing positive things.  Well so I thought until I read further that she made a sex tape ala Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc. etc.  No need to mention names as you know all about it.

Then I thought that maybe I could blog about Celebrities.  Amanda Bynes, the actress who I thought was the cute innocent girl that wouldn’t become like a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.  I could blog about Amanda tweeting topless pics while looking like she’s missing a few brain cells.  But you already know that, right?  And about Lindsay Lohan disappearing from rehab and almost facing sure jail time for violating a court order but being Lilo, it was all just Lilo being Lilo and the law being…well the law.  You already know that.  So no use blogging about that either.  How about America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon? Did you know the girl with the ‘squeaky clean’ image was recently arrested for disorderly behavior which included berating an officer?  How about Justin Beiber? Sorry, I guess he’s old news.

I could blog about the Boston bombings, the Obama administration, the Texas blast that came after the Boston Bombing that no one, well except the families of the victims, remembers.  Yet the Boston bombing is still major news.  I won’t even whisper anything about that as you know about that too.  How about the Stanley Cup?  Hockey playoffs that is.  Old news now right?  My Washington Capitals will win it all by the way.  Did you know that a building collapsed in Bangladesh killing over 600 people?  You did?  Then never mind.

You know just about everything so I won’t flog a dead horse.  How about God Loves You?  Don’t believe in God?  Then somebody out there loves you and maybe that’s something you didn’t know.


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