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2013-05-07165523Last Sunday, Amie and I went car shopping.  We knew what we wanted and what we wanted to pay, which is a big plus when car shopping.  We were determined not to be bullied this time around.  We always say that but still usually end up on the losing end of the deal by giving in to their high pressure tactics.

We test drove a 2012 Ford Fusion and loved it.  It had all the toys, handled well and was great on gas.  Then we took the 2013 for a test drive.  After discussing figures with the salesman, we thought it was a no-brainer to buy new with  0% rather than a 2012 with their financing charges and partly used warranty.

We had a choice between the silver and the electric blue and Amie went for the blue.  I didn’t care, I just wanted a truck.  We let the salesman know our terms and that they were firm and non-negotiable. They threw three different guys at us including the big boss, each coming in with different figures and offers.  We calmly told them that it was ok if they couldn’t meet our terms as we had just started looking and there was no rush for us to buy.  “Not so fast, we can work something out.” They were quick to respond.

We took possession of Betsy on Monday.  In the end, we got exactly what we wanted and more.  As the salesman was writing up the offer, I pointed to him and said to Kenyan, “See that guy there, if you never eat pizza again, it’s because he over charged us and we can’t afford any treats.”  I was joking of course but the message was not lost on the poor guy.

Now we are happy with our brand new car.  I think I’ll call it ‘Betsy’.  It’s a relief to drive without worrying about the car falling apart or dying on the road.  The peace of mind that comes with the comprehensive warranty makes it all worth it.

Here’s to a long and trusting relationship with Betsy!


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