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Heard The One About A Priest And A Rabbi?

thRemember when we were told that laughter was the best medicine?  Well what ever happened to that medicine?  Seems like it expired from sitting too long on the shelf.  Not too long ago, it seemed as though everyone was a comedian.  They all had a joke to share.  The workplace was a virtual comedy club with someone always have a joke to share.  Sometimes they were raunchy, sexist, racist and downright unacceptable but still jokes all the same.  On any given day, I would hear at least ten anecdotes.  What happened?  The well of jokes ran dry?  Has our world become too serious a place?

Some time ago,  I went to a co-worker’s office to tell him a joke that I thought was funny.  At the end of it he stared at me as if waiting for the punch line. I was like ‘err..hmmm…’ and repeated a few lines with emphasis on the punch line in case he missed the joke. He finally managed a weak smile.  Not sure if he got it.  Laughter in the workplace is dead folks!

There are way too many stern faces walking around out there.  Seen your boss lately?  Tell him a joke.  Maybe he needs to lighten up.  Let’s prescribe some old-fashioned medicine, laughter.


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