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Murder Of A ‘Nice’ Guy By Another ‘Nice’ Guy

The circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and murder of Tim Bosma continue to baffle Canadians and those following the story around the globe.  Myself included.  In case you are wondering who Tim Bosma is, read it here.  Robbery seems to be the motive at first glance but to my suspicious and conspiracy-theory-trained mind, something is out of place.

The suspect, Dellen Millard is described as well off with a clean record, so why would he want to steal a truck when he could buy one probably with cash?  The guy is heir to an aviation dynasty and has property that he bought two years ago for almost one million dollars!  Not that being rich has ever stopped rich folks from ripping off poor folks but come one…Tim’s body was also found burned beyond recognition.  Again, I thought to myself, A normal carjacker would have just kicked him out of the car or left him somewhere on the outskirts of town.   Seems like a lot of trouble to take him to a farm and incinerate him.  Just for a 2007 Dodge Ram? 

The victim’s wife also claimed two men came to their home to look at the truck and that they came on foot.  Did they travel from Toronto to Hamilton on foot?  Even though the suspect allegedly also owns a truck?  Again, a rich guy walking?  Not that they don’t.  The other guy is still at large and is not being mentioned.  Weird huh?  How about the trail of evidence?  Tim’s truck found in a trailer outside the house of the suspect’s mom.  How amateurish is that?  If you are starting to think ‘set up,’ I don’t blame you.

Now here’s the kicker or the stumper.  The victim is described by family and friends as the nicest person you could find.  A churchgoer, dad and husband.  I am not talking bad about the dead but from experience, what people say or think about you is sometimes not what you really are.   Take the suspect for example.  He’s also described as a nice young man from a decent family and no prior record of any kind.  So who’s the genuine nice guy?  Do we have a case of nice-guy/s-turned-bad?  Or maybe this is exactly what it seems and it is really a cut and dried case where an innocent man was murdered by a young man who got caught up in the wrong crowd.  So many questions, not enough answers.  We could go on and on and before long, we would be seeing everyone as a potential suspect.  Tim’s wife, his friends, Dellen’s connections…

To avoid such, let us leave it up to the authorities to investigate and bring those responsible to justice.  In the meantime, my condolences to Tim’s family and loved ones.  May his soul rest in peace.  No matter what life he lived, he didn’t deserve his fate.



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2 thoughts on “Murder Of A ‘Nice’ Guy By Another ‘Nice’ Guy

  1. This tragedy has left a lot of people wondering what really happened, especially for those of us who live close to Hamilton. In time, we will probably find out more information, but you are right, we could look at a lot of possibilities and it is not our place to judge or condemn anyone. My prayers are with the family.

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