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That Soccer Season

The dreaded soccer season is here again!  Amie and I have a love hate relationship with it.  We love that it gives the boys a chance to get out and play with other kids but with three boys who are on different teams, it makes for crazy evenings.  Mikhail and Treyton have their games on the same day, same time but at different venues so mommy and I have to decide who takes who where.
The soccer season was to have started about two weeks ago but with the lingering winter the fields were not ready.  So Monday was the first game and Kenyan was the first to play.   Unfortunately for me, it had to be on my busiest day of the week as Amie works the evening shift on Mondays.  Kenyan and Treyton have no classes on Monday so my mom watches them and I repay her by giving her a ride home when I get home from work.  The trip usually takes about an hour and Treyton usually gets car sick.

When I got home, I immediately set about getting this ready as I didn’t want to take mom home then come back then leave.  I got Kenyan dressed in his soccer uniform and got snacks for everyone.  Then we took my mom home.

Everything was fitting into place nicely and I was proud of my efficiency as Mr. Mom.  We were about one block away from the playing field with about 5 minutes to play time when my evening went sour, no pun intended.  Treyton, the hurler, decided it was a good time to puke.  In the new car.  Mikhail said,  “Daddy!  Treyton is puking!”  and I looked back to see poor Trey projecting puke like the niagara falls.  From his mouth and nose.  I was mesmerized.  I couldn’t do anything but watch in horror.  The new car!  Kenyan’s first game!  Treyton’s clothes!  Drat it!  I called Amie at work to let her know what happened and that I would not be taking Kenyan to soccer then I turned around and headed home as fast as I could drive without attracting the cops.  Poor Kenyan would have to miss his first game. He was so excited too…

I pulled into the driveway, hustled the boys out of the car, half dragged and half carried Treyton to the bathroom, cleaned him up and got him into some clean clothes.  Then I got to cleaning the car seat.  I saw that most of the stuff was on his clothes.  Great!  Maybe we could make the game after all!  We made just as the team was having their pre-game huddle.

Like I said, it’s a love hate thing. I am glad for the chance to get some outdoor exercise but I can’t wait til it’s over.

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