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Can A Kiss Really Be Just A Kiss?

French Kiss

French Kiss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Watching television, there’s always the love scene where a couple whether married or unmarried would share a tender moment.  Depending on the rating, it could be a steamy tender moment that makes you feel uncomfortable if your mom happens to be watching it with you.  Sometime ago, I was watching a family movie where the couple was lying in bed talking.  As they talked, the wife lightly and lovingly touched her husband’s arms, back and face.  For a moment I thought I saw genuine care in her face.  As they enjoyed a deep and exploratory kiss, I couldn’t help wondering if either of them had any feelings at all for the other.  Just a tiny attraction?

I know it’s all movies and acting but can someone be so professional that they could resist the body’s natural instincts and urges in the name of acting?  I know some people would say  “Oh it’s different when you don’t love the person you are making out with.  There’s nothing to it.” but I really don’t buy it.  I know for one thing that if I was doing a movie with say Jennifer Aniston and we had to do a make-out scene, of course I will feel something.  I am human.  (I know you are saying, ‘Yeah right’).

Couples who never saw each other before are lying in bed together nude or almost nude and mimicking what they do in their own bedrooms.   And that’s normal? Nothing’s wrong with that? Just a job? It’s only movies?  Well let me give you my take whether you want it or not.  I seriously think it trivializes real life relationships.  I also think it could be linked to the failed relationships and marriages that plague celebrities.  Why have a partner when you could fool around with all the hot women in Hollywood with no strings attached?  Ala The Bachelor.

Coincidentally, while I was drafting up this blog, I took a break to surf the internet and found an item where the star of the television show Scandal admits that his wife is uncomfortable watching his make-out scenes with his female love interest.  She apparently refuses to watch the show.  Here.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Would I enjoy watching a movie where my wife is half naked and kissing some guy the way she kisses me?  Especially if he’s more ‘man’ than I am?  But it’s only the movie honey.  I love you.  Oh really?  You kiss him exactly the same way you kiss me AND you even close your eyes…

Saying this, I do realize that for a movie to be successful, it has to be as close to reality as possible.  Unfortunately, there’s a very thin line that separates that reality from the movies.

To me, a kiss is more personal than even sexual intercourse but that’s…

Just my take.  Go ahead and kiss the girl.






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