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Oklahoma Tornado – My Image Of The Day


Today, as I read about the devastation caused by the monstrous twister that touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, I was drawn to the photo posted above.  To me it spoke volumes.

In the photo, a woman with bright blue hair and black boots, rushed to gather her child. Her hair flying wildly and legs pumping like pistons, her body language conveying relief, happiness, fright, panic all in the same package.  It reminds me of a lioness rushing to the aid of a member of her pride.  To snatch it from the clutches of the enemy.

A photo like this would usually be fodder for jokes.  The hair, the attire, ripe for the pickings but in this situation, I see no humor.  I see a fellow parent.  A parent who suddenly realized that her little boy is not dead but very much alive.  A child who sees his mom as the most beautiful mom in the world.  Not a blue-haired freak in black boots charging at him like an out of control freight train.

That's My Mommy

That’s My Mommy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s funny, but not ha ha funny, that no matter what mommy looks like on the outside, she’s always the most beautiful mommy in the world on the inside to her child.  When the child is in danger, mommy is even more beautiful when she shows up at just the right time.  Mommy is here baby!  Everything is going to be fine.

I can imagine how this mother feels.  Hearing the news that the school her child is attending has been destroyed with some fatalities.  The feeling is indescribable.  Then to show up at the school and see your son very much alive.  No words could describe the transition of feelings.  Legs buckling fear and panic followed by legs buckling relief.  In the photo, I see it all.

God be with all the victims of this disaster.  May the souls of the dead rest in peace and may their loved ones be comforted.

Note:  A reader notified me that the person is not the boy’s mom but actually his sister who ran all the way from her high school after learning his school had been hit.  It doesn’t diminish my interpretation of the photo in any way.  If anything it just shows that some sisters could be just as close as  mothers.


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4 thoughts on “Oklahoma Tornado – My Image Of The Day

  1. Great comments! Many people miss seeing the real picture and twist things into being silly or unimportant. This photo does speak volumes and it asks us to pray for all those involved.

  2. JustanOkie on said:

    and also……that is his 17 year old sister who RAN there from her high school just to find him after learning his school had been hit. It’s not his mom.

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