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You Call That Racism? Gimme The Fried Chicken!

After exchanging not-so-nice words, most likely via twitter and everywhere else but to each other’s faces, golfers Sergio Garcia when asked if he would have Tiger Woods over to break bread, responded by saying, “We will have him round every night.  We will serve fried chicken.”  The golfing world got their knickers in a tangle with some calling for severe punishment.

thAs a black man, I do not find this at all insulting.  Someone alluding that I love fried chicken? That is racist?  It’s the truth!  I am black and love fried chicken very much!  I hate steak and fish.  As a white person, would you be offended if I told you that I would prepare turkey if you came over for dinner? Would you think I am being racist?  I hope not.  Look at it this way, if it’s racist to associate a particular food with a race, how about the term, Chinese Food?  Aha!

So maybe we should all calm down about all this racial stuff.  When we bring each comment under the microscope, looking for hints of racism, we are only helping to keep racism in our society.  It’s an overkill!

And you there bro, if you are black and too upset to eat the fried chicken, pass it over to me.  You may as well get me a slice of water melon also because I love it.  Maybe it’s a black thing or maybe it’s not.

Just my take.

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2 thoughts on “You Call That Racism? Gimme The Fried Chicken!

  1. Thanks for the mention. I actually don’t like watermelon. It’s just spongy water with seeds to me.

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