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Friday Fodder: Declining Moral Values

thThere are many differing opinions on the reason for the decaying of moral values in our society.  One thing that is mutually agreed upon is that it is indeed decaying.  Or declining.  Some say it is just scriptures coming to past.  Others blame it on television. Maybe it is all the above and then some.  For me, one of the major reasons is parenting.  Moral values go hand in hand with parenting.  Proper parenting ensures that values are instilled in our children.  If we fail to do that, then they grow up barely able to discern right from wrong.  Then they make their own laws.

It’s interesting to note the differences in the problems that schools in the 1940’s faced compared to schools in the 80’s.  Just a 40 year gap.  Astounding!  In the 40’s, the major problems were truancy, running in the halls, talking in class, and chewing gum.  In the 80’s, the problems included teenage pregnancy, violence, stealing, rape, bringing knives and guns to school, drug abuse and vandalism.  And that’s in the eighties!

The students still run in the halls but now they run with guns.  They still chew gum and chew out their teachers and talk back to them.  Yes, I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of parents.  But…but…we can’t control what our kids become when they grow up.  This is usually our whiny and pathetic excuse for our failure to provide our kids with the proper tools to grow into men and women with morals.  In truth, we are too lazy, ill-equipped to teach or just bad parents.  Yeah, there is such a thing.  But how about television? So many bad shows out there and their friends are also influential.  Gimme a break!  No excuses!  Some of us do suck at parenting.

Yes,  sometimes we do our best as parents but our kids still veer off the track.  You can’t be blamed in that case, but when I see so many instances of parents who have apparently thrown in the towel, allowing their wards to do as they please, we have a problem and it’s us.

Then there’s the justice system that seems powerless to do anything to curb youth crime.  Too  young to show their faces in the media.  Too young to name them.  Too young to punish them.  Punish the parents instead if they try to punish their own kids.  Protect the kids at all cost!  Even if that cost is morality.

Just my take.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Fodder: Declining Moral Values

  1. Reblogged this on imconfident and commented:
    I totally agree. Moral values are declining and it is causing major problems in our world. Parents, caregivers, families, friends, teachers, everyone needs to take responsibility in taking the time to teach our children to be responsible.

  2. parents are the biggest influence when the kids are young and hopfully you can instill moral values that can handle the pressure of schools and hollywood plus others. the bigger culprit is not the parents as much as it is the religious leaders, especially among christendom, there is a reason God calls them the man of lawlessness (as a group) they have almost completly destroyed faith in God, accountablility, his right to set the moral standards, and have discredited the bible, (such as the show the bible for example) discrditing the creation account (it was not literal seven days for anyone who cares to know a day to Jehovah is as a watch in the night to him (four hours long)the flood account, (even tho they do have physical evidence they refuse to acknowledge) and the moral principles in there. and the clergy are also adivising the politicians and ceos and others in the united nations and you can bet they are not instilling respect for the bible principles in fact just the oppisite is happening and many in un are atheist or communist in their beliefs. shameful, but prophesized to happen in the last days

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