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Not With Gay Marriage

English: This protester was on his own and let...

English: This protester was on his own and letting Minnesota state Senators know his position on gay marriage. This is freedom of speech in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrities and professional athletes have been known to open their mouths before their brains were in gear.  Most often than not.  Causing collateral damage that their publicists have had to clean up.   Because of this, when I read the headlines, ‘Adrian Peterson Is Against Gay Marriage’  I could be excused for thinking,  uh huh, here comes another athlete speaking out against gay marriage and probably saying the wrong things that he has to apologise for later.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the way Adrian Peterson candidly and honestly stated his opinion.  He did not judge or question the legality of gay marriage, but just eloquently stated his beliefs.  To add to it, he let it be known that he had family who were gay and who he loved.   Adrian is also best friends of gay marriage advocate and former teammate Chris Kluwe.  I take it they both respect each other’s opinion without letting it affect their friendship.

And this is how opinions should be shared and embraced.  Without fuss, fight or apology.  No hate, no judgement.  For the records, I, like Adrian, am ‘not with’ gay marriage and that’s just my take, which in this case is not debatable.

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