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Can’t Blame The Youths

imagesIf you spend time on Facebook or have an email address, I am sure you have seen forwards or ecards comparing the kids of today to those back in the day.  “When we were young we played with sticks.”  or “We played outside until it was dark.” But is it really a fair comparison?

In ‘the old days’ we did play with sticks and a bit of imagination but that was only because we had no alternatives.  When we were kids, we were never bombarded with the technology that the kids these days are bombarded with.  Why would we stay in and play video games when there were no video games?  We chose instead to do our homework simply because our options were limited.  Some of us were lucky if we even had a TV to watch.

As kids, we probably did play outside until it was dark but then perverts and pedophiles did not roam around looking for prey.  Those were the days.

Yes, many kids are addicted and even obsessed with their electronic toys and this is not a good thing but it is the beast that we created.  Now we must learn how to make it work for us.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Or is it?



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