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Bigger Issues Than Al Qaeda

imagesDo you remember Al Qaeda?  Osama’s terrorist organization?  Of course you do.  And if you ever tried forgetting, don’t worry, the government will make sure to remind you of the threat it still poses.  A few months ago, President Obama released a statement to the effect that Al Qaeda was on the run.  In his words they were “on a path to defeat”.  Seems like he was just blowing hot air or speaking out of turn, depending on what you choose to believe.

Jack Keane, a retired army general who has knowledge of such things have also agreed that the terrorist network is far from being defeated.  I am not sure how much weight an armchair commander carries but I am not well-educated on such matters myself so I can’t say what does a retired guy know about a Middle East based terrorist network?  When was the last time he actually saw a terrorist?   What I do know is that while the US government continues to make sure that Americans remain fearful of a potential attack by terrorists, Americans are busy terrorizing Americans.  While Americans wait for that supposed terrorist act that would inflict mass casualties, Americans walk into schools and inflict mass casualties on American kids. They carry out heinous crimes on innocent civilians, including children.  They are Americans without any affiliation to a terrorist network.  Americans are warned to be on the alert for terrorist act on Americans but how about the guy next door who kidnaps women and children as they walk home?  Terrorizing them in his home for years?  How about the man who walks into his workplace and shoots his co-workers to death? Or the American so high on drugs that he chews on his innocent victims in broad daylight? Can Al Qaeda really be any worse?

Pardon me but I’m sick and tired of hearing that some guy with a Muslim name has been killed in the Middle East.  Yet another Al Qaeda leader.  Tired of hearing how the battle against terrorism is being won.  Then it’s not.  Then it is.  Depends on who’s talking.  Tired of hearing how guns are to be blamed for the rise in armed violence when the real reason is not addressed.  If guns were the real cause, I propose a world-wide ban on guns.  This would eliminate terrorism.  Or would it?   So many issues that are not potential but very real to Americans.  As they say in politics, Clear and Present Danger.  A million problems and Al Qaeda ain’t one.

And this is my take.


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6 thoughts on “Bigger Issues Than Al Qaeda

  1. You took every word out my mind regarding this topic and eloquently placed them here. Awesome post.

  2. I totally agree with you. There needs to be more importance placed on taking care of matters close to home. Terrorism is not just in foreign countries, it happens everywhere. Guns are not the reason for increasing violence. We need anger control, not gun control. People need to be taught how to love each other.

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