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Preschool Drama

duckThis week saw my 4-year old son breaking his first heart.  This kid knows more about relationship at his age than I did at 20.

During this school year, he had two girls vying for his affection.  One of them, girl C, the tougher of the two, told him to stop talking to the other girl.  Girl A.  In his words, she told him to ‘break up with A’.  As any good boyfriend worth their salt would do, he immediately complied, refusing to talk or play with A.

A was always happy to see Kenyan.  She would hug him and tell him stories when she runs into him but he would respond by pretending to be busy with something else or mumble a barely audible response.  “Daddy, she’s not my girlfriend!” He would say to me when I tried to get him to at least be civil.  “C is my girlfriend and she told me to break up with A!”  Well even at 20, I was not that committed.  Kudos to the kid, must have gotten that from mommy.

On Tuesday when Amie picked him up from school, his teacher met her at the door.  She wasn’t impressed that Kenyan had told A that she was not his girlfriend, causing the poor girl to cry.  Amie really didn’t know what to say to this.  What could she say?

We tried explaining to Kenyan that even though he thinks he has a girlfriend, he could still be friends with other girls.  Well at least until he’s married and his wife puts the kibosh on that.  He would have none of it.   For him it’s all or nothing.  The kid is 4!  At 4 I wasn’t even in school yet!  Preschool or otherwise.  I don’t think I even knew what a girlfriend was at that age.

Yesterday when I picked him up from school, he had a dandelion that he was carrying like a priceless gem.  He proudly let his daddy know that C had given it to him.  What do you do?  It’s all innocent kids games until someone cries.  In a few weeks he would be done preschool and its drama.



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