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You Are An Atheist? My Apologies

English: 4th day of Evangelism training at Hun...

English: 4th day of Evangelism training at Huntington Beach provided by LivingWaters Ministry which encourages and equips Christians to share their faith biblically the way Jesus did by obeying Jesus command to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone.” Mark 16:15 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a believer.  I believe in God and because of this, I consider myself a Christian.  I attend church because it allows me to fellowship with other people with the same beliefs.  It’s like going to Weight Watchers or Alcoholics Anonymous.  Now I’m not disqualifying anyone who does not share my beliefs and faith.  I believe because maybe I’m a wimp and too scared of the alternative or I never allowed myself to question the fabric of my faith.  To do so would leave me with an unshakeable feeling of guilt.

On the flip side, many, but not all, atheists have never had any exposure or experience with Christianity.  At least not enough to base a belief on; and for that I apologize.  I apologize that I have failed to do my part.  I apologized for being impassive concerning my faith while those opposed take the podium to denounce my faith, attempting to ban centuries-old religious practices that make up the very foundation of a country.  I apologize on behalf of myself and my fellow Christians who continue to make it hard for anyone wavering between believing and not believing, by the lives we live.  Why would you want to rush in and be a part of this ‘organization’ when those who pound the bible are pounding prostitutes?  Why would you believe when those of us who profess to believe live like we really don’t?  I apologize that my church has not and is not doing enough to convince you that there is a God; and that I have failed to give you a plausible reason why the God we love and worship allow kids to die violently and good people to suffer.

I owe you an apology for not engaging you in a two-sided conversation when you preached to me about atheism .  I left you at the mercy of the silver-tongued televangelist with the private jets and playboy lifestyle.  I thought he had all the answers.  I was too scared to defend my faith or maybe I was unarmed?  I apologize for being a bad friend.  I misrepresented myself and what I stand for.  I was a fake friend.  The odd times I spoke to you about my faith, I may have lied to you and painted you a picture of perfect harmony where everyone loved their neighbors as much as themselves.  If I did, I am sorry. But you have seen the news, you knew better than that  Phew! Well no wonder you are an atheist!

Fortunately, I still believe and will always believe.  Like I said, I am too scared of the alternative and to be honest, sometimes that belief or faith, is what keeps me going.

“I would rather live my life as if there is a god and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is.”


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4 thoughts on “You Are An Atheist? My Apologies

  1. Well said! I definitely agree with your statement at the end.

  2. If you’re too scared of the alternative, you should convert to Islam; its Hell is far worse.

    You might find this interesting:'s_Wager

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