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Where In Jamaica Are You From? St. Vincent?

Flag-map of Jamaica

Flag-map of Jamaica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was talking to a guy who was trying to impress me with his knowledge of Caribbean lingo.  “What’s up mon?”  He greeted,  proudly letting me know he’s a frequent flyer to the island of Jamaica which he incorrectly assumed was my ‘home’.  He then asked me where I was from, meaning where in Jamaica.  I said, “St.Vincent” and started to explain that it was also an island in the Caribbean.  He didn’t let me get to that part.  He interrupted with an excited response, “Oh I have been to Negril and Kingston but never that part”.

The guy continued to extol the beauty of the islands, based of course on his visits to Jamaica and I pitied him for not having a good geography teacher when he attended school.  Darn North American Education!  As I am apt to do, I let him stew in his ignorance and rolled with it.  We talked about Ocho Rios, Ganja and resorts.  I even humored him and spoke like a true Jamaican.  He asked when I was last there and I told him when I last visited St. Vincent.  Then he left.  No wiser than when he walked into my office.  Bad Bad teacher!  No Jamaican rum for you!

Why am I blogging about this?  Well too often it is assumed that because of my skin color and maybe accent, I have to be either from Africa or Jamaica.  It’s not a big deal as I’m used to it but assuming someone is from a particular place because of their skin color is a bit ignorant, isn’t it?  Or is that just my take?

I do not assume every white person is from England.  To do so would be bordering on presumptuous, don’t you think?

Just my take.  Everyting irie, mon.


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6 thoughts on “Where In Jamaica Are You From? St. Vincent?

  1. So true. People make way too many assumptions. Nothing in life is really clear cut. We have to be broad-minded and not put people in boxes. I’m married to a Portuguese man and many times people assume I’m also Portuguese and often speak to me in their language. Of course I understand a lot, so I can respond. Usually I enlighten people by telling them I’m Canadian, but sometimes I just let them think what they want.

  2. Assumptions! They usually get us no where.. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. If you met a person with white skin and an English accent, you would assume he or she was from England. Accents can be really tricky to place, and no one is going to know the accent of every single place on the globe. As long as a person isn’t being condescending or degrading, I don’t think it’s really a big deal.

    • It’s not. Could be a bit embarrassing when you find out that the person you kept talking to about his ‘country’ really wasn’t from there. Or knew just as much as you do about that country. lol.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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