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Were the good old days really that good?

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunistic adventurer devoid of principles, beliefs or scruples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You always hear talk about ‘the good old days’ and how wonderful they were.  The days when things were better than they are now.  You could walk outside at after hours without fear.  Crime is way up.  It was so peaceful back then.  (The faces on milk cartons say differently).

We always mention that violence is on the rise in comparison to the good old days.  Rampant terrorism, radicals everywhere, what happened to the peaceful days of old?  Well those good old days had its fair share of crime.  Gruesome crimes to rival the bad days of today.  We can’t forget Hitler’s random slaughtering of the jews, serial killers like Charles Manson running amok.  Idi Amin butchering his people…I could go on and on.  You just don’t see that level of savagery these days.

So, when you compare today with the good old days, how good were they really?  Maybe we were more tolerant and that made it easier not to ignore the bad stuff going on around us.  Heck, we took a good spanking from our parents back then without complaining.  Let dad try that now and see where that gets him.  Maybe the electronic age made us soft and sensitive.

Maybe the good old days are based on an individual’s perspective.   The newly grad teenager might look back on his high school life as the good old days when he didn’t have to worry too much about anything.   My good old days could be my pre-kids days when I knew sleep.

Who knows? Just my take.


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2 thoughts on “Were the good old days really that good?

  1. There is no doubt that there were some horrible crimes committed by treacherous people in years past. However, if you look at the stats, crime is definitely on the rise. Hitler was responsible for the senseless deaths of lots of people, but now there are lots of people committing these crimes.

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and I wasn’t afraid to go outside and play in a park a few blocks away from where I lived or ride my bike alone across town. When my daughters grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s there was always news about children being kidnapped or killed and I was afraid to let them go outside and play alone in our own back yard.

    I don’t think we were more tolerant years ago, there just wasn’t as much crime going in. Today there is more violence, more killings, more rapes, more gangs, more abuse. People are getting angrier. There are different ways to commit crimes via technology – cyberbullying is out of control. You can just press a button on a phone today and blow something up.

    I have a young grandson and I worry about him attending school in a couple of years. When I grew up, I didn’t have to deal with the problems they have in the schools today – drugs, knives, guns and who knows what else. I wish we could go back to the good old days. People weren’t so angry and it was a lot more peaceful.

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