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Royal Baby Watch

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

Am I the only cold-hearted non-royal-baby watcher around these parts? I seriously couldn’t care less.  With thousands of babies born everyday around the world, I simply cannot choose to pay attention to the birth of the one born with the golden spoon dangling from its lips while ignoring the one born in poverty.  Plus, you know how I feel about royalty and all its trimmings.  Waste of tax payers money if you ask me but luckily you didn’t.

I am not a total ice king though, I do find Kate a nice gal and I liked Diana.  Who didn’t? What’s not to like?  So I wish Kate the best in her delivery and hope all goes well for her.  See? Told you I wasn’t that cold-hearted.  Unless it is a virgin birth and taking place in a manger, I’m going back to bed.  You could update me later with the name of the baby etc.  Yawn.

Oh and by the way, don’t let me rain or your parade.  Go ahead and watch the Royal Birth, camp outside the hospital, lock your televisions on the Royal broadcast, play royal baby trivia games, do whatever people do when the royals dames are pushing. It’s just MY TAKE.


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5 thoughts on “Royal Baby Watch

  1. I agree with you. A royal baby is no more special than any other baby born into this world with one exception – baby Jesus. All babies are special. We should be spending time and effort praising the parents and babies around us and doing what we can to help those who are experiencing difficulty.

  2. ” Unless it is a virgin birth and taking place in a manger, I’m going back to bed.” Lol! I did not even know or hear about this. Some people need to truly understand that NOT the whole world cares (not matter the situations)… It’s the unfortunate truth for some, but it is the truth.

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