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Who Put The Foot In My Breast??

6574e247-8158-42db-a979-0336bc2c949f_970168_389880274446157_355565350_nI was browsing the web when I came across a story that I had to click on.  Gruesome Find At A Grocery Store!  Of course it got my attention.  I immediately thought someone had found a rat or something like that in their groceries.  When I read it, I had to read it again.  Are you kidding me? Was my thought.  The woman had found, wait for it, the foot of a chicken in her package of chicken breasts!  Yes! She found chicken in her chicken!  She was HORRIFIED! She was VOMITING! At least that’s what she tweeted.  The poor sheltered woman!

Well I looked at the photo of the harmless and non-vomit-inducing photo of the leg resting comfortably on the chicken breasts and was surprised that Lindsey was not charged extra for the delicacy.  Man, I could eat some well cooked chicken feet as we speak.  I would sue anyone who dare to remove the foot from my breast.  Lindsey, you have no clue what you are missing.  Even if you are not a fan of that part of the fowl, be aware that it is still a part of the chicken.

Just my take.  And Safeway, please don’t pull the breasts off the shelves just yet, I will be there soon.  Lindsey, I’ll take that package off you too sans the breasts.



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