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Help! My Babies Are Killing Me!

indexA week ago in Winnipeg, a three-month-old boy and his two-year-old sister were found unresponsive in a bathtub.  They could not be revived.  A city-wide search was conducted for the suspect, their mom, who was also missing.  A few days later, her body was pulled from a Winnipeg river.

Various scenarios were discussed, as would be expected.  Because the victims were children, Winnipeggers were touched.  Some called Lisa a coward, a monster and an unfit mom.  I just called her the latter.  She was a mom who at the time was mentally unfit.  Nothing wrong with that as we are all unfit in different areas of our lives.  Lisa needed a support team.  She needed help.  Lots of it.

Having children could be one of the greatest joys in life.  Unfortunately, it could also be one of the greatest challenges.  As a dad, I have felt the strains of my parental responsibilities as they threaten to debilitate me.  No time for yourself, someone depending on you for their very existence, coming home from work tired and having to switch roles immediately… it’s confining.  How could the little ones you love so much be so emotionally and physically draining?  No wonder some people snap.  When they do, it’s called post partum depression and yes, it can also affect men.  Lisa was diagnosed with this earlier but apparently she felt through the cracks.  The system failed her.

As of this blog, the circumstances surrounding this sad ordeal has not yet been confirmed.  The chain of events are still more or less speculations.  What is confirmed is that she was indeed suffering from depression.   Post Partum is serious.  Better support systems need to be put in place so that events like this do not happen or at least lessen the chances of it happening.

Having babies is hard work.  Some can make it, some can fake it and others just can’t take it.   Because of those who can’t take it, three innocent people are dead, may they rest in peace.  For those of you suffering from the blues of having a new or fairly new baby, hold on.  Seek help from family members and friends.  Don’t be embarrassed as you are not alone.  Surround yourself with caring people.  If you are unable to cope, let someone take the baby for a while.  And you, if you suspect someone is going through a post baby depression, do what you can to help.  You might be saving lives.


Just my take.



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