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Before You Upload That Cute Video To YouTube…

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The internet has become a fast track to stardom, popping out celebrities like a popcorn maker.  With the World Wide Web, becoming famous could happen in the blink of an eye. From obscurity to celebrity.  Justin Bieber to Rebecca Black.  Talent is discarded and traded in for views.  Views = popularity and popularity = $$.  Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” received close to 200 million views but the comments were mostly negative and her song was adjudged to be the ‘worst song ever’.  But who cares?  Her name is now mentioned in the same breath as genuine singers and she has found a niche rubbing shoulders with the elite.  So bah!

Everyone has that faint or not-so-faint hope that the video they are uploading could be ‘the one’.  Their child dancing, singing or playing an instrument, sometimes reluctantly because daddy and mommy told them to.  There’s nothing wrong with that but there are a few things you must know before you click on that ‘upload’ button.

First and very basic, make sure your room is clean and tidy.  It’s all in the presentation folks!  Many a video have gotten its share of negative comments because of that forgotten underwear on the floor.  Yes, the one next to the overflowing clothes hamper.  When you attend a function where there are thousands of people, you try to dress and look your best, right?  Well your video is open to millions of people. Do you want them to see your messy bed with crap everywhere?  Do you want your talent to be judged or your hygiene?

Unique talent.  Yes, everyone’s looking for the next big thing.  Not the next same thing.  So your 4-year old can say his alphabet. (Insert yawn). Save it to your family video collection for those family events.  Not every video are meant for the attention of the World Wide Web. Maybe do a search for ‘Kids saying the alphabet’.  You might find a one year old saying it to a rap beat.  Sorry to rain on your parade, just trying to save you from the disappointment.

Are you ready?  No, I don’t mean if you are ready to upload.  Are you ready for the negative comments?  Do you have thin skin or overly sensitive?  If so, maybe you are not ready to face the faceless ones.  You know the ones who hide behind their computer screens to post hateful comments and bash everything?  They can be very harsh and rip you to shreds.  It’s not you, it’s them.  If you can handle criticism then go ahead, hit it.  How about when it is your 4-year-old they are criticizing?  Can you still handle that?

Saying this, not everyone who uploads a video is looking for fame and fortune.  Some of us do it to share with friends and family in other countries or just because.  If you do, don’t forget to use the publicize settings to control who you want to see your video.  Then you won’t have to endure the comments.  If you want to take a chance that maybe, just maybe, your video could ‘the one’, then go for it!  Roll the dice.  After all it’s…

Just My Take.




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