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August 8th. Best Day Ever!

indexAs everyone already knows, August is the best month of the entire year.  Don’t ask me why as it’s quite obvious.  Not only is it the month with the most cooperative weather but it’s also MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!  What more can anyone ask for? (Don’t be silly, it’s a rhetorical question).

Well anyways, while I was languishing in bed this morning pretending that I didn’t have to get up if I didn’t want to, my three little ones entered my room bearing home-made cards.  No card in any card shop could have been more meaningful.  I was moved to tears. Just kidding. I don’t do tears.  But I was touched.

Best cards ever!

Best cards ever!

When I finally smartened up and realized that I would not be getting any special treatment, birthday or not, I came downstairs to find a double-double Tim Hortons coffee awaiting me beside a single stemmed red rose.  Well these people I live with sure know how to use the simple things in life to make me happy eh?

Nice touch, wifey!

Nice touch, wifey!

I signed into Facebook to find my wall littered, but in a good way, with best wishes from friends, family and acquaintances from all over the globe.  And I meant littered. I was so touched that I made it my goal to at least attempt to say a ‘thank you’ comment for each wish.

And these are the little things that make for a Happy Birthday.  Priceless things.  Just like the blessing from the man upstairs that afforded me another healthy year.  I am grateful to those who took the time, be it a couple of seconds, to type out a ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.  At least you thought of me and that means something.  It also means that you are acknowledging that August 8th is most definitely the best day/month of the year.  To all those sharing this day with me, Happy Birthday to you!  To those who aren’t, stay strong, you have nothing to be ashamed of.







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