It’s My Birthday And I Can Blog If I Want.

Yes, again!
Yes, again!

Today is a big day! Huge! Gigantic! You see, it’s the day I was ejected forcibly out of my over-burdened mother’s womb and into a waiting world.  It was a ready-or-not-here-I-come moment.  My mom was ready but I wasn’t.  Today is my birthday!

Adults usually say that birthdays are for kids and it’s just another day blah blah blah.  I may have bought into that at some time too but not anymore.  Birthdays aren’t just for kids.  Maybe birthday parties at McDonald’s are, but celebrating and being thankful for another year is nothing to sneeze at.  I am thankful for every day.  A year, even more so. It’s not just ‘another year’.  It’s another year that I wasn’t guaranteed.  It’s another blessing. With a family that I love, it’s another year to see them.  Another year being a part of my kids’ lives. So many accomplishments in that ‘another year’.

So today, I will celebrate.  Today I will give thanks.  Today is my birthday and damn, am I ever happy!  Thank you God!

But hey, don’t let me change how you feel about birthdays.  If you want to be a sourpuss and treat it like just another day, go right ahead.  After all like this blogger always say, it’s JUST MY TAKE.



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