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There’s The Scumbag Who Got Me Pregnant!

indexJane and John are in love. Happy together and enjoying some good old-fashioned fornication. Then the ‘accident’ happens. Jane gets pregnant. John is the perpetrator, the author of Jane’s demise. The scumbag who got her pregnant, stalling and maybe even snuffing out her hopes and dreams for her future. John and Jane are no longer in love.  In fact they are no longer together.  What happened?

How many times have you witnessed the above scenario?  Me?  Too many. I also have friends and family who are Janes. Because of a ‘scumbag’ who got them pregnant, they are single parents.  Why is this? If a consenting couple decides to do the nasty with nasty and unplanned repercussions, why is the male the criminal? Why is he the scumbag? After all, it takes two to tango, doesn’t it?  He was a nice guy just before the pregnancy test but now he’s not nice enough to even continue a relationship with?

Some may say “We’ll he is the man he should have been the more responsible one”. To that I would respond, “Well she’s the woman and it’s her body. She should have been more responsible with it.  If he’s a scumbag for making her an accidental mommy, then she’s a scumbag too for making him an accidental daddy.” I know it probably won’t get me any brownie points but hey, I was never a big fan of brownies anyways.

Now this blog is not meant to defend the male and their reaction to surprised pregnancies.  I know some who are deserving of all the associated names you baby mothers could think of.  (Not everything is about you, dad).  What I am curious about is the strange phenomenon that causes a pregnant woman to go off on her man as though he was the sole perp in the crime of unplanned impregnation.  “You got me pregnant!  What the hell were you thinking?”  Well what were you thinking?  That you were different from the other women who met the same fate?  That you could play with fire and not get burned?  If you rub two sticks together long enough, you will definitely start a fire.

Sometimes, a couple, realizing they were playing Russian roulette, accept their fate equally and make plans to deal with it together.  Kudos all around.   But then sometimes the man, suddenly realizing that he’s got the sweet part of the deal, walks off into the sunset.  In such a case, he was definitely the scumbag who got you pregnant!   (No dad, I promise, it’s not about you.  It’s just my take).

Remember, he’s not a scumbag for getting you pregnant accidentally.  he’s a scumbag for walking away.  (And for the last time dad, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!).


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2 thoughts on “There’s The Scumbag Who Got Me Pregnant!

  1. If John and Jane have sex they are equally responsible for what happens should a pregnancy occur and both should step up to the plate and take care of the child for its entire life. The woman should not blame the man (unless it was forced) and the man should not blame the woman.

    There are way too many children being raised in homes with a single parent who is struggling to make ends meet and this often negatively affects the child’s life. If the man just takes off and refuses to help care for the child he has created, then he is indeed a ‘scumbag’.

    Gee whiz, if you have sex, you might just get pregnant – think about it people! An unplanned pregnancy is often the result of neither party thinking very clearly which happens way too often today.

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