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What’s A Few More Dead Syrian Kids?

Syria-Houla-massacre-of-children-1200x901The world’s eyes are on Syria and the atrocities perpetrated in that region.  Men, women and children murdered in cold blood.  The alleged use of poison gas against civilians…What should the US do?  What could the US do?  I, like the rest of the world, is disgusted by the wanton human rights violations in Syria.  Do I think that the USA should stick its nose in it? Of course! As the self-proclaimed world police, why shouldn’t they?  Is dropping bombs the solution?  Well answer this first.  If you or your family is held hostage in your home, would you like the cops to drop a bomb on your house to kill the bad guys?  No?  But it will also take out the bad guys.  You can’t have a war without casualties.  You still don’t agree?  I know.  It’s never quite the same when you put yourself in the shoes of those ‘innocent ones’ eh?  You’d prefer the negotiator type approach, right?  Shut off water and electricity to the house, freeze access to cash etc., right?  I hear you.

It’s eerily similar to the situation the US faced in Iraq years ago.  Back then the reason giving for bombing the heck out of civilians was that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.   Today, Syria is alleged to be using chemical weapons on its people, killing hundreds of children.  Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.  Doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of parents mourning the lost of their children.  We all know what happened then, the US reacted swiftly and without UN authorization, dropping errant bombs and killing civilians by the thousands.  Yep, more dead kids.  At least this time it was for a good cause.  Not like the dead ones killed for no reason, that was murder then but now this is hmm…operation freedom?   No weapons of mass destruction were found and nothing was gained in the end.  In fact, the region became even more destabilized after Saddam’s demise.

Many still see a US attack as a solution to Syria’s problem.  Even given the questionable record of success of such previous actions.  It’s a good thing CNN’s coverage does not include footage of dead children killed by ‘friendly’ fire. Men and women killed while having dinner in their homes by the guns of their ‘saviors’.  Maybe if they did show these images, we would not be so quick to call for a strike.  Some may say, “Well Mr. Bloggerman, it’s the price of war. Innocents have to die to eliminate tyranny.”  To this I would say, “Would you be saying that if it you or your family were those innocent ones?”  Here’s another scenario.  The bad guys are holding your neighbors hostage.  Doing all sorts of inhuman things to them and their children.  The cops again show up and start shooting at the house.  Unfortunately, your house is also hit, killing your kids and your dear old mom, may she rest in peace.  Do you still feel it was well worth the price?  Cost of war, right?

What about the obviously biased way the United States choose who to attack?  Turning a blind eye to some countries’ blatant atrocities and human rights violations while quickly intervening in others, makes one wonder who’s in bed with who and whose profiting from all this nonsense.  On Syria’s situation, there are no talks of economic sanctions, embargo or assets freeze.  Let’s bomb them into submission.  That should also send a message to their ally, Iran and also a message of goodwill to our ally Israel.  Did I just think that out loud? Oops!

War is  not the answer, Obama.   Your soldiers are battle weary and battle-scarred.  They are spread thin.  America’s ‘let’s bomb em’ response to everything is getting old.  Americans have lost track of what wars they are engaged in and why.   Wouldn’t a  war be a great toll on your already weakened and fragile economy?  Oh, one other unrelated question, who is really benefiting from all these wars?  Who are your weapons contractors?  I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank.  I thought you were different from that other guy…  I am no strategist or economist, this is all just my take so you could ignore me and go right ahead and bomb those child killers, after all what’s a few more dead Syrian kids?

Just My Take, Sir.



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2 thoughts on “What’s A Few More Dead Syrian Kids?

  1. Poor kids. They have no fault.

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