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Doctors Of Medicines

imagesI went to the doctor today.  I hate doctors.  I think doctors are a hindrance to the body’s natural healing process.  I hate doctors.  I woke up with an unexplained sore ankle that hurt when I put pressure on it so my wife suggested that I paid the doctor a visit.  “But honey, it’s just a waste of time.  What are they going to do?  Give me pain killers and send me home?”  But like a good husband, I listened and I went to a walk-in clinic.  The doctor listened to my complain like a good doctor then said, “I think it’s gout.  Here is a prescription.  Anything else?”  See hon? Told you so!

My family doctor is not that much better.  Either he’s a spiritual healer or a quack.  He doesn’t touch me but make a prognosis based on what I tell him my ailments are.  “Your head hurts?  Must be a migraine.  Here’s a prescription for Tylenol.  Other than that, you are one healthy young man.  If there’s nothing else, I’ll see you later.”  But doc, how about a complimentary pressure check?  These doctors are redefining the term, Doctors Of Medicine.  They are Doctors of medicine.  Prescribing meds for every complain, without even asking if you are on other medications that may cause interactions.


Between you, me and the computer, I take their prescriptions and I toss them in the closest garbage.  Been doing that for years.  I think I got it from my old Grandma.  She is 101 years old and she’s tossed more doctors prescriptions than the town drunk tossed his cookies.  Maybe it’s not a good practice.  Maybe I should heed the doctors’ advise and not discard of their prescriptions.  Maybe I shouldn’t quit taking a medication unless advised by my doctor to do so.  Nah!  Sorry doc, you are not going to make your quota on this patient.  Don’t worry though, there is an old guy in the waiting room carrying around a pill-box containing about 30 different pills.  I’m sure you could talk him into adding another one to his collection.  That’s all, doc!


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One thought on “Doctors Of Medicines

  1. You are right. Most doctors are habitual pill pushers. Fortunately I have a doctor now that isn’t. However, I do believe in taking meds for serious issues like heart problems, diabetes and respiratory issues. In my opinion, the best medicine is God medicine – it has replaced medications that I used to take and my health is a lot better than it used to be.

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