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If You Have Loved Ones, Then You Must Have Unloved Ones

imagesThe other day while doing my morning devotions, the topic was love and its qualities.  Love was described as patient and kind, not envious, selfish or arrogant.  Love doesn’t keep records when people let us down or do us wrong.  It forgives and is happy for others’ successes.  It is very optimistic.  It bears all things, believes in others and what they can do, thus putting up with a lot.  Love hopes for the best in others, never gives up.  That got me wondering as I do that a lot.  So is this the way were are supposed to love everyone or just our loved ones?  If it’s everyone, then more than a few of us, myself included, are in trouble.  I would like to meet someone who loves everyone that way.  I can punch you in the gut and you would smile and say  you love me?

Some of us are capable of loving the way loved is  explained.  A few of us, myself included, are incapable of loving everyone that way.  We all have our circle of loved ones.  Family, friends, pets, objects, whatever we choose to bestow our unconditional love on.  Outside that circle, and sometimes even inside, are those that get the conditional loving.   The envious love.  The unforgiving love.  The pessimistic love.  If the qualities expressed above are indeed the qualities of true love, then it just might be time for a self audit.

So you are saying, “Hey, I have saved the life of strangers!  Running into burning buildings and risking my own life.  Of course I could love!”  But is that really all what love is about?  I don’t know, I’m just asking.  Even cold-blooded murderers love someone or something with a furious passion.  I always thought of myself as a loving person.  I mean there are times when I am envious of the person I love.  Sometimes I’m not ready to forgive or forget those who wronged me.  Do I wish for the best in my old boss?  I could try but I’m not sure I do, but I still think I’m doing a good job of loving just about everyone.  Engaging in a gossip conversation about someone doesn’t really mean I don’t love them, does it?  Basically then, if I can’t offer that real and unconditional love to everyone, then I’m failing miserably.  Or am I?

You have to admit though that If everyone actually loved everyone as love is explained in the Bible, Christian or not, imagine what the world would be like.  An all-encompassing circle of love.


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