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Funny Friday: Gently Used Husband, Lady Driven, One Owner

thI am buying a car!  Well it’s not really a car, I should say a vehicle.  We sold our lemony Nissan Quest and now we want something to replace it.  While car shopping with my wife, I found that quite a few sellers boasted that their vehicle was ‘lady driven’.  I am not too sure how that was supposed to make me feel about the car, knowing that the ‘ladies’ I know were not exactly ‘ladies’ to their vehicles.  Lady-driven and gently-used were not synonymous.

If being lady-driven was really a selling feature, I think more divorced men should start using it on their POF profiles.  Just my thought.  Imagine this ad:  Low mileage, one owner, lady driven.  Take this guy home today!  You won’t be disappointed!  Clean medical maintenance log!  Serious enquiries only!  Ladies, don’t you just want to snap someone like that up?  On the flipside, if he was a bad and cheating husband, his profile might read:  As is.  Not Safetied.  Lots of city mileage.  Was used as a rental.  Lady and man driven. Good for parts.  No returns please.  (You might want your doctor mechanic to give him a once over before purchasing).

Have a good weekend, y’all!


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2 thoughts on “Funny Friday: Gently Used Husband, Lady Driven, One Owner

  1. This just made me laugh. I’m not married but still very funny.

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