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Caution: Men Chasing Rubber

imagesI am a big fan of the game of hockey. Love it!  But while watching a game a few days ago, I had a sobering thought.  “I can’t believe that these grown-ups are chasing a piece of rubber around an icy surface with the goal of getting it by another grown-up blocking a netted receptacle.”  It seemed rather trivial and foolishly funny at the time, so much that I broke out grinning.  How could they take themselves so seriously?  Granted, there is a real risk of injury or death but that’s just because they put their lives on the line to get the little black thing past the netted-box blocker.  Maybe if they played it like it was just a game then no one would get hurt.  That would make for a real boring game of hockey.

About the money…so these mature, at least in age, adults, chase this black circle around the ice with bad intentions.  For their efforts, as some of them get really adept at this, they are paid quite handsomely.  I mean QUITE handsomely.  Don’t think about it though as it doesn’t add up.  So you are telling me someone gets paid a million dollars to chase that thing for a few hours a week?  No, try millions, not a million.  Do they put on a good show? Sometimes. Some do, some don’t.  Some take the money and play like the fat cats they are. But who cares?  As long as we can eat concessions that we pay quite handsomely for, who cares if our team of grown men, chasing a barely visible black object, on an icy surface, trying to get it past a playing guarding a netted box, gets overpaid for playing? It’s only a game, right?  And last time I checked, dental work was expensive! Again, it’s just my take.


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