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Caught In The Act!

cell_phone_while_drivingA couple of weeks ago I was driving downtown minding my own business when out of the blue a uniformed cop jumped out in front of me and signaled to me that I should pull over.  The look on my face was priceless.  I was busted!  Caught in the act!  My phone still attached to my ear was a dead giveaway.  Mocking me.

Get this straight, I don’t usually text or talk while driving.  Our vehicles are equipped with bluetooth.  I was driving the Ford Flex which we had just bought a couple days before.  It was my first time driving it as my wife had first dibs, hence I never had a chance to sync my phone to it.  So when I had the exciting news about a potential job offer to share with my wife, I went against my better judgement and made the call.  Literally.  My mind said don’t but I heard, Go ahead, you will not get caught.  When have you ever seen someone being pulled over for using a cell phone? It’s only for a second anyways.  Ok, maybe a few minutes.  Well the cop was only a few seconds away.

I apologized to the officer profusely.  In my consternation I even tried to hand him my phone like a robber caught red-handed.  Here’s the loot officer.  You got me.  I lamented to him about my excellent record. Nary a blemish.  He responded, “Oh you looked very shocked when I pulled you over.”  That was an understatement.  He still took my license and registration and left me to marinate in the juice of my folly. (I made that up just now! I like it!).  When he got back to my car, he suggested that because of my perfect driving record I should maybe beg for leniency when I go to pay the ticket.  He added that I might get the fine halved or even thrown out.  Thanks officer, maybe I’ll take you up on that.  “Consider getting yourself a bluetooth.” He said in parting and I didn’t bother to embarrass myself further by telling him the Ford Flex I was driving has one installed.


Wallowing in self-pity and angry at myself for my lack of judgement, I told my wife what happened.  “I am sooooo mad right now, hon! I am going to get demerits and my insurance will go up and blah blah blah woe is me!”  She responded by telling me to calm down and show her the ticket that I still couldn’t find the nerve to open.  “Two hundred dollars and two demerits.” She stated calmly while I groaned inwardly.

Well there were no sympathy to be garnered from my loving wife so I went elsewhere.  No one seemed to care that I was hit with a staggering fine and faced two big demerits to my driving record.  One friend told me that her husband just tosses his tickets in the glove box.  I was told I was making too much out of nothing.  I wasn’t.

You see, I hate distracted drivers.  I yell at those who choose to drive while texting or talking on their phones.  I was now guilty of being one such driver and I hated the feeling.  I wish I could erase that moment but I can’t.  I deserved to be fined and because of that, I have decided not to contest it. More than likely I would get at least a portion knocked off but I need to pay for what I did.  Rest assured that it would not happen again.

Now you, if you like to drive while holding a phone to your ear, or worst yet, if you are one of those who actually texts while driving, sometimes even using both hands, (egad!) please stop now! Now is a good time before you or someone else gets hurt or killed.  It only takes a second.  It’s not just my take, the cops think so too.



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2 thoughts on “Caught In The Act!

  1. It always hurts when we get caught doing something we know is wrong. We never hesitate to point the finger at someone else, but we try to minimize our own mistakes. When I got my one and only speeding ticket several years ago, I knew I was in the wrong and I tried to make excuses but I knew I really deserved it. These are great learning experiences and they make us think more about what we are doing.

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