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Prisoners Protest Low Pay. No Raise In 32 Years.

imagesI recently read that in some federal prisons in Canada, inmates are striking to protest low wages.  I had to read it again just to make sure it wasn’t a joke.  So you mean if I go to jail I can actually go on strike?  Do I have a union also? Sweet!  Now on a serious note, I was always of the opinion that going to jail means you lose the things you took for granted.  You lose your freedom and also any chance of getting a pay increase, unless of course, you bribe somebody but that doesn’t happen in jail, right?  It’s a bonus to get paid for work done in jail.  In my opinion, you should be working for free as restitution for your crime.  I am sorry, well not really, but I just cannot take a protest by prisoners for better wages and food seriously.  It’s a joke.  But then, so is the justice system.

Prison is surely not what it used to be or what it is meant to be. A deterrent.  Criminals no longer fear going in the slammer.  They re-offend upon gaining their freedom.  A high school detention is more effective.   It’s actually worth it to commit a crime for a big pay off.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You get put away for a short time, then come back out to enjoy the spoils?  Nice!

Some may say that it is wrong and inhumane to violate anyone’s human rights. and even though they are prisoners they do deserve what us on the outside enjoy.  So it doesn’t matter if a violation of someone’s human rights caused them to be in jail in the first place.  Being paid, allowed to watch porn and pay-per view TV, complain about the food and wages are all good.  They are humans too.  Of course they are , but so are/were the victims who get to watch these perps bask in the lap of luxury.  So much for rehabilitation.  Justice indeed!    My Take…


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2 thoughts on “Prisoners Protest Low Pay. No Raise In 32 Years.

  1. I believe that anyone, no matter what they have done, deserves to be treated fairly and with kindness. However, prisoners are given way too many privileges. They have a roof over their head, proper meals, work, exercise, activities, free education and wages. What about the thousands of people who can’t find a job, collecting welfare and trying to make ends meet, often living in horrible conditions. What about the seniors whose pension barely covers their basic needs. Maybe they should be getting a raise? Our government has their priorities all mixed up.

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