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1000 Strong

followed-blog-1000-1xWhen I click the ‘publish’ button after writing this, my blog would be sent to over 1000 followers!  Ok, maybe to many it’s not that big of a deal.  A thousand followers is maybe just a drop in the bucket but for me, I get excited over small accomplishments so I am stoked!

Look honey! Four followers today alone! I excitedly told the wife a few days ago.  Wow! It’s almost to a thousand!  After talking about it for almost ten minutes, she was tired of being the good listener and politely told me to shut up already.  Well it didn’t sound too polite.  I promised to myself that when I hit the 1000 milestone, I would keep it to myself.  And you of course.

I realize that a lot of those 1000+ followers would not actually open and read every single email they get announcing a new post.  Heck, I do that sometimes too but it’s not the point.  Actually, what is the point?

The point is that after a couple of years of airing my thoughts/vuze/takes via my blogs, I now have two major accomplishments.  I was Freshly Pressed and now have reached 1000 followers.  Readers have not only liked what I’m writing but also decided to follow me so they could read even more.  Smart people.  Or are they?

I hope my wife understands what this means.  It  means I should be taken seriously as a legit blogger.  I should now be mentioned in the same breath as…hmm…er…ok nevermind, you get the picture.

Now this calls for a celebratory drink…

Yayyy!! 1000 followers!!  Thanks for the follows guys!


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4 thoughts on “1000 Strong

  1. That’s awesome! CONGRATS! You’re posts are worth a follow.

  2. maamej on said:

    Congrats, it’s a milestone worth celebrating.

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