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Ever wished you were living in your parents basement?

imagesCome on! Don’t tell me you never had that thought at least once.  I have.  It’s not as if you felt like being a loser living in your parents house like a parasite.  I am talking about those times when you are neck deep in adult responsibilities.  Kids, work, mortgage, etc.  For some, you could even toss in marriage into that mix.  Some days when the boss is driving you nuts at work, you probably think, oh if only I was still living at my parents I’d tell him where he could stick his project.  But of course you are not and you really don’t want to.  At least some of us don’t.

How about when it’s hard to get up on a cold, very cold, morning?  You think about calling in sick but then realize the bills have to be paid and the family fed.  Oh man, if only I lived with mom and dad, there’s no way I’d be going in today.  It’s fun to think it as long as you don’t make it a reality.

Enjoy the weekend and remember, living with your parents to escape reality is for losers.  Just my take.


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2 thoughts on “Ever wished you were living in your parents basement?

  1. I understand what you’re saying, but in the past couple of years, I have actually stayed with my parents for a month or two at a time, albeit not in the basement :). I know what you mean because there are those times when it feels really safe there, despite the difficulties in dealing with them personally :). Interesting take. I hope you can feel better under all of those responsibilities.

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