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Go Black For Halloween And Don’t Apologize

1382806919_julianna-hough-467Halloween is a time when some people dress up as their favorite movie character, storybook person, celebrity, or anyone famous.  Sometimes the character might not be of the same race as the person who wishes to play them and that could create some problems.  Not to me.

Recently, beautiful but white professional dancer Julianne Hough decided to dress up and go out for Halloween.  The problem was that she chose to go dressed as Crazy Eyes, a black character from a show called ‘Orange Is The New Black’.  I still don’t see an issue here considering that’s the whole point of Halloween, to be who you are not, but apparently some were offended and found it bordering on racism.  And that my friends is one of the things that pisses me off. Like seriously?  Why does everything has to have racial connotations?  Were seniors mad at me when I dressed up as an old woman once?  How about Nuns and Priests and Presidents?  How do they feel about people imitating them?  Isn’t it illegal to impersonate an officer?  Whey is no one getting arrested?  COME ON, LIGHTEN UP A BIT!

The Real Crazy Eyes

The Real Crazy Eyes

Julianne, because she’s a nice person, apologized for crossing the line with her blackface costume.  What’s that and what line?  And here again is another thing that pisses me off.  Unnecessary apologies.  I know it’s nice to be a good person and apologize when you are wrong and blah blah blah but please spare the sorrys for when you really messed up.  Like telling racist and homophobic jokes in the office.  Is there a Halloween memo she didn’t get?  For the records, I didn’t get it either then.  In my humble opinion, the only apology needed was if she did a horrible job of pulling off the character.  She didn’t.  Sometimes unnecessary apologies adds fuel to the flames.  An explanation would be better served.  An explanation that explains what Halloween is supposed to be and also maybe to tell those who are getting their undies in a tangle, to take a long look in the mirror and maybe they might see someone who is and has the real problem.

If a white woman could pull off looking like a black woman on Halloween, props are due.  The same thing goes for the opposite.  I love role playing, (not that way).  I have actually urged my friends to act like me so I could see what they think I sound and look like.  It’s harmless and it’s fun.  Julianne should be applauded for stepping out of her comfort zone to don the costume and makeup of a black character in public.  That’s confidence.  No apologies. No offense. None should be taken.

On Halloween, feel free to let your imaginations run wild.  Dress up as your favorite character, be he/she black, white or whatever.  Just one thing you have to bear in mind, once you go black, you just might never go back!  And that’s My Take.

Oh, you have a Happy Halloween too.


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4 thoughts on “Go Black For Halloween And Don’t Apologize

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  2. Life would be a lot easier if people would stop taking everything personally. There is a huge difference between just living life and being mean on purpose.

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