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BBM, Another Way To Say ‘Hi’

imagesYesterday I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I downloaded the new BBM for Iphone.  Much ado about nothing.  Maybe it’s something in my settings that I missed but all I got was another app that allowed me to send and receive texts.  I already have Whatsapp and Imessage installed on my phone and they do the job.  They allow me to send texts, especially the urgent ones like, Hi hon, did you make supper? Seriously, how many different ways do I need to say that?

On a serious note though, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s BBM parade as I’ve seen the excited Facebook announcements heralding the arrival of BBM.  Here’s my pin, add me!  BBM me!  Does this mean if I Imessage you, you won’t reply because I’m using outdated technology?  Am I ‘old and behind the times’? Do I need to get with it?

Let me take it up a notch.  On an even more serious note,  our society is hard at work seeking fresh ways to communicate with each other electronically.  Unfortunately, we are also sacrificing our social skills and becoming so dependent on these gadgets that we cannot connect with our fellow humans without electronic aid.  Don’t understand what I’m talking about?  Go into any restaurant, pick a table and see how many people at that table are on their cells, ipad, ipod, whatever.  It seems like there’s nothing for them to say to each other but quite a lot to say to the party on the other end of the text conversation.

So yes, maybe I’m not ‘down’ enough but in my humble opinion, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it.  Maybe it’s time to work on a speech app that teaches us how to communicate with each other.  But that’s just my take and it could very well be my BBM settings…


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