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Mayor Behaving Badly

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at ...

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at the Mayor’s 2011 Levee at City Hall. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a saying that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought to be on crack than to open it and remove all doubts.  Or something like that.  Apparently, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has never heard that saying.

After being bombarded all last week by news that Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, was caught on video using crack, I had enough.  I had to educate myself so I could at least know the basics of the case.  After all, Torontonians were demanding that he step down as Mayor.  People the world over were weighing in.

I found out that Mr. Rob Ford was no saint.  He had run-ins with the law on a few occasions, once even getting arrested for DUI and marijuana possession in the USA. And that’s before he was elected as Mayor.  At an NHL game, Ford who was alleged to be visibly drunk, was belligerent to the point of insulting fans at the game.  He had to be escorted out by security.  He later denied that he was even at the game.  That was BEFORE he was elected!

After Rob Ford was elected, his antics followed him.  He was accused of inappropriately touching a former female Mayoralty candidate and making inappropriate comments.  At the time, he was suspected of being ‘under the influence of cocaine’.  At a festival in August of this year, the cracked Mayor was filmed walking around apparently ‘out of it’.  He was later whisked away by city staff and police.  During all this, the threat that there was video-taped evidence of him using crack hovered over the Mayor’s head like a smoke halo. Last week, the threat became real.   Project Brazen 2, an investigation triggered by the reports of Rob Ford’s crack use, and conducted using air and land surveillance, revealed incriminating evidence of the Mayor meeting with a renowned drug dealer on numerous occasions.

As a councillor, Ford once said, “”What I compare bike lanes to is swimming with the sharks. Sooner or later you’re going to get bitten… Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes. My heart bleeds for them when I hear someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day.” He also added, “It’s no secret, okay. The cyclists are a pain in the ass to the motorists.”  For these lovely comments, Ford was elected to be Toronto’s Major.

Despite all the alarming signs that Rob Ford should have been elected to go to the closest rehab facility, he was still voted to be the Mayor.  I mean a lot of politicians are either on drugs or act like it anyways, so what’s another crack head leader?  But if they voted him on when it was widely suspected that he had a drug and alcohol problem, why ask him to step down now it’s all but confirmed? Oh I got it, everyone deserves a chance, even poli-trick-tians.

Mayor Rob Ford maintains his innocence and claims it either wasn’t him or it is a set-up.  He is rebuffing all calls for him to resign saying, “I have no reason to resign.”  I see many reasons for him to resign and seek help immediately before his path of self-destruction leads to total destruction.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Behaving Badly

  1. I suppose if you are all tweaked out, it’s hard to avoid those pesky cyclists. As far as his behavior, I guess I don’t have much faith in politicians. I suspect on some level they are all like this, and the only difference between this goof and the next mayor is that this goof wasn’t smart enough to hide his behavior from the public.

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