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Death Sucks But Life Goes On

indexDeath has a funny, not haha, way of sobering you up for a few minutes.  You stop and take stock of your life and vow to change things etc. etc. but then it doesn’t take long for life to go on. It’s the circle of life.  Kinda.  During the last 3 weeks or so, four people with varied connections to me have passed.  First, my friend’s cousin was found dead in his car, then a few days later, my wife’s cousin died suddenly while at work, she was only 46.  Then a man on my street a few houses down died while driving.  Earlier this week, my cousin who lived in St. Vincent, was found dead in his house.  Except for my friend’s cousin, they were all in their mid 40’s.

All those deaths had something in common, other than that they were in some way connected to me.  They all made me stop and take inventory of my life. I promised myself not to worry about little things.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, live and laugh.  You know, the usual things you hear and say when someone passes.  I must really be getting numb to death because it didn’t take me long to begin sweating the small stuff.  My wife using my towel, my wife not telling me about plans until the last moment…the really small stuff.

It’s sad to think that world would not stop when we die.  If even for a split second to acknowledge our passing.  Our workplace would not close for the day.  People will still laugh, our favorite team would continue to play right on schedule.  In fact, the player that you adore so much won’t even know that you are no longer his/her fan.  It’s just the way it is.  Just like an impression on foam, our imprint would slowly fade.  Sad but true. Don’t worry, our loved ones would still have fond memories of us.  Or at least memories.  But like foam, the void would be filled and life would go on.  Until it seems to all but those who were closest to us, as if we were never there.

Death is like a punch in the stomach.  Hurts like hell and takes your breath away but once you keep breathing, it goes away.  Then life goes on.  So don’t sweat the small stuff but if you do, it’s ok, it means you are alive.  Dead people don’t sweat anything.  Just don’t let the small stuff kill you. My take.


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2 thoughts on “Death Sucks But Life Goes On

  1. I find the continuum of life to be comforting. I wouldn’t want the world to stop turning because I died… I am just another organism in an enormous web of other organisms, just one member of one generation of a very young species on a very old planet. Knowing that makes life a little less overwhelming, and takes some of the pressure off. Do what makes you happy. Be kind, compassionate, and gentle. All we have is here and now.

    Sorry for such a string of unexpected deaths around you! Thanks for the quick reminder to be aware of our own fragility. 🙂

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