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Honor Roll Bad For Underachieving Students, Says Calgary School

school_cert_honor_roll_boy1A school in Calgary is taking teaching down to a new level with its decision to do away with the Honor Roll that recognizes top students.  The reason? It hurts the pride of those who don’t make it on there.  In their words, “Awards eventually lose their lustre to students who get them, while often hurting the self-esteem and pride of those who do not receive a certificate.”   Lose its lustre? Is that the best they could come up with?  Every single award that I have ever received, whether tangible or verbal is still shining in my memory.

I have voiced my reservations with the shcool system in previous blogs about the way they try their hardest to dumb down real-life so kids can fit in.  In so doing, they are in reality dumbing down the kids as well.

My cousin who is in grade 11 has repeatedly voiced his dislike for school.  He skips classes and does not complete assignments.  We always get the generic email from his teachers.  The ones that basically say that he can hand it in whenever as long as he does.  In frustration, I replied to one such emails asking his teacher how much longer before they flex their muscles and let the kid learn by actually knowing what it is to fail.

It seems like the justice system and the school system are playing on the same team.  A team captained by another system that allows people to be rewarded for sitting at home drinking beers, doing drugs and/or churning out babies while those who brave the elements to eke out a living are ignored when it’s time to get a hand up.  So now it’s ok to take away from those who work hard just to appease those who don’t.  What a joke.  I am sorry but if instead of trying, you sit on your rump and gripe about those who get recognize for hard work, then you need to wake up.  And those who uphold and assist others in practicing an underachieving and lazy lifestyle are just as bad. Ok teachers?

Don’t mind me though, it’s just me taking advantage of my right to have an opinion..  Maybe it does hurt to not be included on the Dean’s list.  Maybe it really sucks not to be given a prize for something you didn’t do.  After all it’s just My Take.



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6 thoughts on “Honor Roll Bad For Underachieving Students, Says Calgary School

  1. I’ve known lots of people who were awful students, and ended up being amazing and making loads of money. I think “not” getting an award sort of makes a person want to try harder in order to prove themselves.

  2. Taking away the honour roll is not going to help boost anyone’s esteem and in fact will probably do more damage and not solve any problems. Kids need something to work towards, some kind of incentive or goals. I never received many awards in school myself, not because I couldn’t, just because I didn’t apply myself, and it probably did hurt my feelings at the time. However, I fully support students receiving awards for high achievements because they have usually worked hard and they deserve it. I feel bad for the students who don’t receive awards, but instead of changing the system, schools should implement classes where students can learn all sorts of value life skills like building esteem, how to communicate more effectively, learning how to handle failure and so on.

  3. These schools should be thinking of it as rewarding good work and promoting the importance of education. You’d think since schools are in the education business that would be their focus. I was always on honor roll in school and my parents took me out to dinners as an extra reward for doing so.

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