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A Game Broke Out At The Hockey Fight

indexOk, it’s time to address it.  The glorification of fights in hockey games that is.  I know some may say “Grow some balls man! It’s part of the hockey tradition.”  Well in that case, it’s time we evolved from that caveman stage and end this so-called tradition. I confessed that when I first took a liking to the game of hockey, I enjoyed a good fight as much as the other guy.  Tie Domi, Stu ‘The Grim Reaper’ Grimson and Bob Probert were players, if you could call them that, I idolized.  Now that I have young kids and enjoy sitting with them to watch a game, it’s hard for me to explain or condone the relevancy of the violence in the game.

I was watching a game a few nights ago and one player had no points in 13 games BUT he had a lot of penalty minutes.  The announcers made it sound as though he deserved a medal. It was as if the time spent in the sin bin was equaled to scoring goals.  He sucks as a player but his PIM is off the charts!  Last week in a game against the Washington Capitals, Philadelphia goaltending goon and perpetual trouble maker Ray Emery, left his net and skated to the other end to start a fight with a visibly reluctant Braden Holtby, the Caps’ netminder.  Can you say instigator with a capital ‘I’?  Ray bragged that Braden had no interest in fighting him but he warned him to protect himself.  For his thuggery, Ray Emery was awarded the third star of the game.  It didn’t matter that his team was shut out 7 – 0.  Braden Holtby who got the shutout did not make it on the 3 star list.  Holtby was not only beaten up but robbed also.

Fighting definitely should be banned and discouraged in hockey.  It’s not a beer league.  There’s no need for it.  If spectators want to see fights, there are alternatives.  WWE and UFC are willing and ready to provide legitimate entertainment to the most hardened fighting fan.  Grow some balls, end the fights!  My take.


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