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‘Anti-rape’ Undies Still Not The Answer

resistenceOver the weekend, there was some online buzz over the introduction of an underwear designed to foil rapists.  It is rip and cut proof and more importantly, cannot be removed without a combination code.  The inventors claim that it is a breakthrough in the fight against rape and gives women more security knowing that she is ‘rape proof’.  “Have you ever been out at night, walking alone, wishing you could feel safer?” says one of the founders of AR Wear of Nyack, N.Y., in an online promotional video.  The three-minute video also noted that the product works “even if the person wearing it had too much to drink, was drugged or asleep.”  So in essence it’s saying don’t be scared anymore.  As long as you are wearing one of these undies, you are safe from a sexual assault.  Can someone say a sexier chastity belt?

In my opinion, when a woman is attacked by an assailant with the intention of having forced sexual intercourse, the violence and embarrassment she is subjected to has already shattered her world and her peace of mind.  Even before intercourse takes place, she’s violated and scarred for life.  Mental and physical scars have already set in.  So the sexual intercourse that takes place during the rape is not the only traumatic experience.  Think of it as your home being entered by a burglar but nothing stolen because you had your valuables locked away.  Your sense of security is still compromised, isn’t it? You still live with the emotional scar of having your home violated by an intruder.  It doesn’t matter if he left without taking anything. I am talking from experience.

Now maybe if the burglar had known your valuables were locked up, he might have passed on your house.  Which raises the question.  Should the wearer of the ‘anti-rape’ underwear advertised the fact that she is wearing one?  If not, she would still be  subjected to the trauma that comes with being raped before the rapist finds out there’s no sex to be had.  Dragged roughed up and other physical violations that could leave deeper scars than forced intercourse.  And also, what if the rapist forces his victim to give up the combination?  Many would choose rape over death.  So, does she wear a sticker saying she’s wearing anti-rape panties? Just like those lawn signs advertising the fact that a house has security?


It really is a sad society that we live in, isn’t it?  Reverting back to the middle ages with the introduction of a chastity belt because the meaning of ‘No’ is no longer ‘No’.  The more we make advancement in technology, the more we take backwards steps as humans.  Unfortunately, there isn’t an app to fix us.  Just like there isn’t an underwear that could stop rape.  When someone is subjected to the violations that precedes the act, they have already been raped.  The intercourse is just the coup de grâce.

If I am wearing a suit of armor, I still would hesitate to enter a cave filled with hungry lions.  So in reality, how effective is something like this?  Is this just a gimmick?  Is it false advertising?  Instead of giving the wearer the false sense of security by telling women they could now drink and party, get drunk and wander around shady places without fear of getting raped, wouldn’t it be better to tell them not to put themselves in risky situations?  Wearing a locked underwear doesn’t make you superwoman.   Rape is a serious and vicious crime.  A rapist holds all the blame and it’s not what the woman was wearing or wasn’t wearing.  Let’s work towards putting the lock on rapists, not on women. Just an idea.  After all it’s Just My Take.


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5 thoughts on “‘Anti-rape’ Undies Still Not The Answer

  1. I agree, it certainly is a sad society we live in. What a ridiculous idea! How is underwear going to stop the violence, rape or no rape?

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you!

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