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Finding Your Oasis

imagesSometimes in our everyday running-around-chasing-out-tails lives, we run into people who are like angels and are probably there for a reason.  Maybe to help us de-stress.  Think of them as oases in a desert.  Unfortunately, we are so busy that we barely have time to notice.

I frequent the neighborhood Shell Gas Bar in my area for a few reasons.  Airmiles and convenience.  Until a few visits ago, I was too busy to realize that one of the other, and probably main, reasons I go there is because of the female cashier.  No, I’m still happily married.

Having vast experience in customer service, I am a sucker for good service.  It gets me every time.  Be it the coffee shop person saying ‘thank you’ with a genuine smile or the McDonald’s employee apologizing for messing up my order, it makes my day.

At the Shell gas station, this particular employee is the epitome of what excellent customer service is all about.  She is always happy and calls everyone ‘honey’, no matter their age or sex.  She is never having a bad day, at least not during any of my visits and because happiness is contagious,  it’s hard to walk through those doors in a bad mood and walk out the same.  Well unless you are one stony grump.  In which case you need more help than she could give.

I believe that because ‘nice’ is becoming a scarce quality in humans, it’s a treat to find someone who displays genuine ‘niceness’.  When I do, I try to always acknowledge it.  Return the niceness.  If the clerk speaks kindly to you, try to be kind to her/him too.  They are doing a thankless job for little pay.  To maintain a happy demeanor while doing that, is a task in itself.

Be alert for your oasis.


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