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Anti-Bullying Week

indexThis week is Anti-Bullying week.  Did you know that?  Most likely the bullies didn’t either.  The question was asked today if we could ever eliminate bullying.  A resounding no! Unfortunately bullying is here to stay just like murder, rape and other criminal activities are a part of society.  Unacceptable as they are, all we could do is educate and equip our children with the tools to make them understand that bullying is wrong.  We  could help them not to be victims or bullies.

With the growing number of kids taking their lives or hurting themselves due to being bullied, we need to take steps, big ones, to blow this up.  Nip it in the bud, so to speak.  Let our kids know that it is not ok to send nude photos to anyone. Family or friend.  Teach them to recognize the signs.  It’s not always physical confrontations.  We have to break it to them straight up.  Show them the effects of bullying.  Even though we might not be able to wipe out this scourge, (my opinion), at least, we could still save a kid.  Or two…

My take.


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