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Black Friday Exposes Humans

imagesThis is no longer something to joke about or ignore.  This is now a serious issue in need of fixing.  I am talking about the so-called Black Friday shopping that exposes the dark side of human beings. It’s bad enough that it comes a day after Americans celebrate their Thanksgiving.  A day that should be spent giving thanks for what they already have but instead is mostly spent poring over store flyers looking for stuff they don’t need.  Some forgo the whole dinner thing and camp out at their favorite store.  Sick eh? I know.

Today the headlines were populated with stories such as, “Woman uses stun gun during Black Friday fight”, “Man stabbed over fight at Walmart”, “Shopper robbed of flat screen TV and shot in parking lot”…The list goes on. A cop was shot, fights raged.  It sounded like something out of The Apocolypse.  Where’s the army? No one was really surprised about any of this as Black Friday is a ‘free card’ day where you are expected and allowed to be less-than-human.  To reveal behavior that would make the martians out there think twice about invading the planet of an unevolved specie.  Beam me up Scotty!

When one hears of Thanksgiving in the US, they think of Black Friday.  It’s almost synonymous now.  Today many people called in sick from work to partake in this feeding frenzy.  It didn’t matter that they were losing money to spend money.  Just being a part of it was enough.  The rush!  The thrill!  The fight! The uncivilized masses!  No wonder it’s called ‘Black Friday’.  It’s truly a dark day for our society.




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