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Pot Smoking Mountie Should Go On Long-Term Disability

indexThere’s a debate concerning a Canadian Mountie who smokes weed to deal with PTSD.  The debate is not if he should be allowed to smoke it but whether it is acceptable for him to light up while wearing the uniform of a Mounted Police, which he does.  In my opinion, I think he should not.

I think that if this guy has a condition that is serious enough to require him lighting up joints while on the job, then he should be put on long-term disability.  Plain and simple.  He is in no condition to perform his duties.  I mean, medicinal or not, I would find it a bit objectionable being arrested by for weed while the arresting officer puffs away happily on a medicinal joint.

A uniform is all about pride.  Pride in your job and the organization you work for.  Smoking weed while in uniform just does not project an admirable image.  Before anyone sees the ‘medicinal use only’ written on the joint, (it isn’t.  Just saying), they see the uniform and they see an illegal stick protruding from the wearers lips.  They see an RCMP smoking spot while wearing a uniform.  It should be discontinued. But again, it’s just my take.


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3 thoughts on “Pot Smoking Mountie Should Go On Long-Term Disability

  1. I totally agree. I saw this on the news last night and it certainly did not make me feel sympathetic towards this man’s situation nor would I trust in any professional who was smoking on the job, medicinal or not. This man should be on a disability pension and not working or at least put in some type of position that is not in the public eye so he could take his ‘meds’ in private. I’m sure he probably has deep emotional pain, I have friends with PTSD and they suffer terribly, but smoking pot while working would not enable him to perform his duties in a proper manner. If the man had any respect for himself and other people he would not be doing this so openly.

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