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Allah says decapitate, mutilate but no cannibalism

imagesIn case you didn’t know this, there is a bloody, very bloody, insurgence going on in northeastern Nigeria.  The extremist leader, who just happens to also be Islāmic, has claimed responsibility for the atrocities perpetrated there.  According to him, Allah said that it was ok to decapitate and mutilate BUT not cannibalize.  Hence the reason for not eating the victims. Phew!  Thank you Allah!  Let them chop my head off and cut me up but please don’t let them eat me!

So when exactly did this Allah talk to this fella and instructed him how to terrorize and victimize innocent people?  Decapitating and mutilating someone is so much cooler and more acceptable than feeding on their flesh, isn’t it?  Pardon me if I misuse my opinion but if Allah really told this madman that mutilation and decapitation was ok, then this particular Allah of whom he speaks is just an extremist himself.  But being of sound mind, I would err on the side of sensibility and say that the guy was doing what many Islāmic extremists do, blame their heinous crimes on Allah.  Allah made them do it.

In the name of Allah, stop!



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