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So Why Aren’t We Living On Mars?

thThis week, the news that the city of Winnipeg, was colder than it was on the planet Mars was met with shock or sarcasm.  By me at least.  Yes we were mired in a cold snap that was taking its toll not only on Winnipeg but also the rest of Canada and most of the US.

I hate cold.  Always did and always will.  And don’t ask me why I am living in this cold tundra if I am such a winter hater as I don’t really know either.  The day in which we were compared to Mars, our temperatures dipped to -48c, with the windchill it translated to -53c.  Apparently the Mars rover location was reading a balmy -29c at that same time. Yes, we were colder than Mars. Handshakes all around for my fellow Winterpeggers.

With that comparison, it begs me to wonder, why aren’t we living on Mars then?  This week, our temperatures were showing numbers like a broken thermometer.  Yet on every one of those days, I still made it to work on time.  I was expected to.  Everyone else did.  I worked for 8 hours. I wasn’t sent home because it was too cold. In fact, the boss barely noticed that the temperatures were not conducive for work.  It was work as usual.  In most cities in North America, this would have called for emergency measures to be enacted.  Actually it would have taken less than that to shut down cities.  But in Winnipeg, the energizer bunny was at it.  Keep on going and going and going.  Cold? What cold? Bundle up and get out!

So if we could cope and survive here in this cold snap,  (And I use the word ‘snap’ loosely because unlike the other cities beleaguered by this weather, it is the norm here). why aren’t we living on Mars?  So what if it plunges to hellish lows at night?  We are from Winnipeg, it wouldn’t stop us from getting to work on time or walking our dogs or getting the mail.

Anyone up for Mars?  Go without me.  I’ll be somewhere closer to the Sun.


Winnipeg colder than Mars. (


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4 thoughts on “So Why Aren’t We Living On Mars?

  1. We are Canadians, eh!

  2. Makes me thankful it will be in the 50’s this week in Oregon. Stay warm!

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